City of a Thousand Wells

2010. Wooden plan cabinet, Par 16 lantern, steel frame, paint.

[l:65, w:50, h:225cm]

The title is a line paraphrased from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Describing Isaura, a conurbation that rises over a vast subterranean lake, whose inhabitants dig vertical tunnels down to tap the water. The city’s gods either live in the depths of the lake, or in the ascending buckets that traverse the tunnels.

Glasgow is also a city built upon many previous generations’ mineshafts and tunnels. The landscape of volcanic rock has sustained the city; suspended above the igneous honeycomb.
The multiple holes that pierce each layer of the plan cabinet are illuminated by a single small spotlight. This serves to focus an oval shape from the beam of light to the floor.



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